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Online Logo Design Tool

If you have ever struggled to come up with a logo design, you know how anxiety producing the process can be. This free online logo design tool lets you select from amongst templates, search by keyword and provides a very user friendly interface. Read my review here
Free Online Logo Design Tool

Online Image Editing Tools

If you ever have a need to edit an image but don't have the software to do it, that can become frustrating. I've tested a few free online image editing tools for this report, and since the options are limited I've also included a bonus suggestion for free software to help you edit your images with greater ease. Read my review here
Free Online Image Editing Tools

Website Monitoring Services

Do you know if your website has had downtime? How quickly will you know if your website hosting server crashes? This article makes the case for free (and sometimes paid) website monitoring tools. A list of free monitoring services is included. Read more about free website monitoring services available in 2018 here
Free Website Monitoring Services

Website Tools

Do you know how fast your website loads? Are you curious to expand your keywords? A few free tools website owners may find useful to test their website load speed, develop keywords and more. Read more here
Free Website Tools

Colour and Design

How do you select a colour palette for your website? Do you choose colours that are popular in your industry or set your website apart with a unique colour scheme? Do you select colours that compliment your logo or contrast with it? I'll briefly discuss colour choises for design and point you to some online tools to help you select a colour palette. Read more here
Colour palette selection tools

Canadians and internet use in 2015

A few stats and demographics about the online behaviour of Canadians, what we think about the internet and technology, how often we're online, and more. Read more here
Canadian internet use in 2015


How often do websites get hacked? Which sites are the most vulnerable? How can I prepare for or prevent a hacking attack? How will I know if I've been hacked? These are questions often asked by website owners and clients, and I'll attempt to answer them here.
Protect your site from hackers

Website Traffic Stats

Why are website traffic stats important? What can I learn by reviewing my website traffic? What can I do with all that information once I have it? These are questions I wish more website owners and clients would ask - read more here.
Making use of your website traffic stats

Design Articles

Image Optimization for the Web

It's important that image files be as small as possible for use on the web, without compromising their appearance. Information about different digital image file types that are suitable for the web and when they are most useful can be found here.

Wallpaper and Background Images

Many websites use image files as background wallpaper in their deisgn. Information about design considerations for wallpaper image slection, and a number of examples can be found here.

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