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A selection of free website monitoring tools you might find useful to keep track of your site...

No one has time to watch their website 24x7, and often sites go down and no one knows about it... that can be embarrassing for a business. I always recommend business sites use some type of monitoring - if your website generates revenue directly it may be worth considering a paid monitoring service. All of these monitoring services listed below have a free component you can try out before you decide which (if any) you need to invest in. Generally with the paid version of the service you get more frequent checks and testing performed from a wider range of physical locations; often you can monitor more URL's with paid services too. These features may or may not be relevant for your site.

Service Uptime

Free web monitoring


Basic State

Uptime Robot

Status Cake

Host tracker


If you want to talk about which of these services might be right for your website, or if you ever have a site down and need help, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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