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Website Design Services

AG Web Services Design Objectives:

  • Create a visually distinctive website for the client, setting your site apart from the competition.
  • Reflect the client's business in the colour, style and feel of the website
  • Focus on transforming the client's content into web pages with a clean appearance, that are fast loading and widely accessible.
  • Develop a logical navigational structure to ensure clear navigation of the website for the visitor
  • Code in such a way that the site can be accurately and completely indexed by search engines

AG Web Services Design Skills

  • Designing websites since 1995 with successful websites in several diverse fields.
  • Graphic design skills to create an original graphic appearance or compliment clients print material
  • Design and code to ensure accessibility for both users and search engines

AG Web Services Site Maintenance

  • Ongoing support for the client's website
  • Regular addition of new content to attract traffic and promote high search engine rankings
  • Keeping site content timely and current to increase readership
  • Updates to website to improve search engine position for specific keywords

Site Promotion

  • Strong track record of maintaining websites with consistently high search engine rankings for a wide range of relevant search terms.
  • More on website promotion

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Portfolio of AG Web Services design work.

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