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The importance of reviewing your website traffic regularly

Do you know how much traffic your website got last month? Do you know what the most popular entry pages drew traffic into your website? Do you know what keywords website visitors used when they came to your site via search engines? If you can't answer these questions, it's time to review your website traffic stats.

If your website hosting service provider does not supply traffic monitoring or make website traffic stats available to you, there are alternatives, and you might want to consider changing hosts next time your contract is up for renewal - accurate traffic data is important.

Reviewing your website traffic regularly (monthly, or at least quarterly) will not only let you answer the questions listed above, but also help you spot trends or changes. If your website traffic increases you'll want to know what's working for you, and a drop in website traffic should be a concern.

Knowing the sources of your traffic is worthwhile - if you're not getting a significant percentage of your traffic from search engines, you might want to invest in SEO (search engine optimization) and if you have few referring websites listed in your traffic stats you might want to spend some time requesting links (or link exchanges) from sites with content relevant to your website visitors interests.

Where you traffic is going within your site can help you plan improvements to your navigation structure, and new content to develop. Keeping track of what keywords visitors are using to find your site will help you plan your search engine optimization and keyword campaign.

If you want help interpreting or understanding your website traffic stats data, or if you would like a professional to monitor and report on your website traffic for you, I can help!

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